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Should You Have To Cancel . . . For those passengers having to cancel participation from a motorcoach tour more than 90 days prior to its scheduled departure, your money will be cheerfully refunded in full, less any money not refunded back from our suppliers. Upon notification that a person will be participating in a tour, various costs are incurred by the tour company which may include the processing of documents and payments, confirming reservations with suppliers (and , in some cases, "guaranteeing" reservations and payments) and other incidental costs of mailing, long-distance telephone calls, printing and postage. In the case of some tours, the number of sign-ups as of a specific date may determine whether a tour will even operate. It is recognized that, occasionally, a passenger may have to "cancel out" from an anticipated tour for a number of reasons. Certain tours which involve non-refundable payments including, but not limited to, New York City and Toronto shows, certain hotels, dinner-theaters, cruises and "purchased packages", especially those that include airline tickets, are not refundable if the passenger cancels unless we are able to re-sell those tour inclusions. Passengers, and those who may be signing up other passengers, are advised that, if a portion of, or all, of the costs are not refunded to Great Day! Tours, they will not be refunded to the customer(s). In addition to any forfeited payments of the above-stated situations, the following processing charges will be deducted from any applicable refunds for those who cancel for any reason: $25 per person for any tour cancelled in the period 30 days to 90 days prior to the scheduled trip departure and $50 per person (or the cost of the tour, whichever is less) for any tour cancelled in the period 29 days prior to the scheduled trip departure up to the scheduled time of departure, i.e. a "No Show". Passengers are reminded that buses used for these tours may have different paint schemes and names; it is their responsibility to check each arriving bus to determine if it’s the one for their tour. While the same fee applies for "No Shows", except where otherwise noted, all passengers are advised that typically a larger portion of the charges are "non-refundable" from our suppliers for "No Shows". Casino Line Run Tours are non-refundable. A "transfer fee" also applies to "no shows" for one-day Casino Line Run Tours (currently $15, subject to change without notice).


Passenger recognizes, and agrees, that the cancellation refund policies apply whether payment was made by a credit card charge (called-in, on-line or in-person) or other forms of payments or credits. Refunds, less processing charge, will be made upon receipt of same from our suppliers and/or transportation companies, and/or release from any obligations, financial or otherwise, which were made on behalf of that passenger whether specifically noted or not, as part of their initial indication that they would be participating in the tour. Single supplement charges for the remaining passenger are the responsibility of the person not coming on a tour and will be deducted from any applicable refund. Company shall not be required to refund any portion of the tour and charge paid by a passenger who fails, for any reason during the tour, to be aboard the bus at the time that it departs from any destination or stop enroute and shall not be responsible for lodging, meals, transportation or other expenses incurred by the passenger as a result thereof. Where all, or part, of a passenger’s payment has been made by a credit card, any applicable refunds will be made only by a credit against that credit card; no obligation for a refund or credit is due for "no-shows", no matter what the form of payment was; specific refunds for these cases, and for other cancellations, will be reviewed based on doctor-certified illnesses or hospitalizations and/or death of either passenger or traveling companion and, again, are subject to receipt of same from our suppliers, less processing charges. Refunds may be made as refunds, credits to credit card accounts, partial credits towards future tours or a combination thereof. All changes and transfers of tours are to be made by the customer, in writing, to the company. Great Day! Tours is not responsible for the cost of any associated purchases, including show tickets or airline tickets, which a customer may have purchased on their own, to be used in conjunction with an anticipated tour or cruise in such case that such tour is cancelled. Should a passenger elect to purchase an airline ticket on their own, such as in conjunction with a cruise or a tour, no responsibility, financial or otherwise, is assumed by the company for passengers not at the designated location to depart on tour or cruise. Where transfer service is included in the package, such as from airport to dock or tour departure point, this is included only for those purchasing entire package including air service into which these costs are incorporated.


Great Day! Tours will continue its practice of refunding to the customers those payments received back from our suppliers, as we have over the past thirty years, less the cancellation processing charge noted above.  Tour & Cruise Insurance is both available and recommended where a passenger may have concerns in the event that they should have to cancel. Failure of customers to purchase insurance coverage relieves Great Day! Tours of any, and all, obligations.