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SHOULD YOU HAVE TO CANCEL . . . For passengers having to cancel participation from a motorcoach tour more than 90 days prior to its scheduled departure, your money will be cheerfully refunded in full, less any money not refunded back from our suppliers.


Upon notification that a person will be participating in a tour, costs are incurred which may include processing of documents and payments, confirming reservations with suppliers (and, in some cases, “guaranteeing” payments) and costs of mailing, long-distance telephone calls, printing and postage. In the case of tours, the sign-ups as of a specific date may determine whether a tour will operate. Certain tours involve non-refundable payments including, but not limited to, show tickets, hotels, dinner-theaters, motorcoach transportation and cruises, especially those with airline tickets, which are not refundable. Costs not refunded to Great Day! Tours, will not be refunded to the customer(s). In addition to any forfeited payments of the above situations, the following processing charges will be deducted from any refunds for those who cancel for any reason: $50 per person for any tour cancelled in the period 31 days to 90 days prior to the scheduled departure and $100 per person (or the cost of the tour, whichever is less) for any tour cancelled in the period 30 days prior to the trip departure. While the cancellation fees also apply for “no shows”, passengers are advised that typically a larger portion of the charges are “non-refundable” from suppliers. Casino Runs & NYC Express tours are non-refundable.


All Federal and State protocols, as may be announced, must be followed during the course of all tours. Passengers participating in a tour recognize and agree that neither the tour company nor the bus company have any responsibility, i.e holding both companies and their employees harmless”, for any illness that might occur during, or as a result, of this tour package, any inclusion or contact with any individuals during the course of the trip. Depending on the total number of passengers on a tour, seating will be assigned so that the alternating rows with passengers will be separated from others and, unless notified one week prior to departure, passengers signing up together will be placed next to each other.


Great Day! Tours acts only as an agent in the arrangement of rooms, meals, transportation, sightseeing, fly-packages, cruises, admissions, accommodations and other inclusions and is not responsible in any way, for damage, loss, delay, injury or default on the part of any company or individual providing service to the group nor is it responsible for any fuel surcharge imposed, before or after payment, by the airline, cruise line or motorcoach company. The right is reserved to change, substitute, delete or add specific stops and/or inclusions as deemed appropriate by the company, with or without notice, or as otherwise required. Should such changes, substitutions (including shows in Branson, New York City and Shaw Festival), deletions or additions be implemented, the tour commitments will be considered by both parties as having been fulfilled and will not be considered as a reason for cancellation by, or refund to, the passenger or other concessions of any kind. Extra cost “options” may be included in some itineraries. Great Day! Tours is not responsible for any loss or damages whatsoever of personal property or for injuries, expenses or damages incurred or claimed by any tour member(s). Baggage being transported, and other possessions, whether checked or not, is carried at the traveler’s responsibility, including while stored under the coach, inside the bus or at hotels during the tour; this includes incidents of theft or damage, including water damage to items. Great Day! Tours is not responsible for any delays, trip cancellations or changes due to weather, “Acts of God” or for costs, flat tires or mechanical failures, or delays associated with border crossing or security issues which may occur. It is anticipated that all prices and tours advertised will remain in effect but, if required, may be changed as conditions dictate. The right is reserved to cancel any scheduled tour prior to departure; if such is necessary, all payments would be returned and would be considered as fulfilling all obligations. Fuel surcharges may be imposed by airlines, cruise lines and motorcoach companies and it is agreed that these may be added to the price before or after booking and would be the responsibility of the traveler and would not be a reason for cancellation. We reserve the right to decline, accept, or retain any person as member of tour at any time. Should this occur during a trip, person is responsible for any additional costs incurred for transportation, lodging or other charges.